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I grew up with a love of gardening I inherited from my parents and grandparents. I am sure that gardening is what kept my grandfather going into his nineties. I trained as a gardener at Wentworth Castle Gardens, and in addition to courses in garden design, have also studied organic vegetable growing.

I like to work collaboratively with my clients to ensure that I understand their needs and visions and design the garden they want at a price they can afford. I am passionate about what I do and encourage others to get involved in their outside spaces and make the most of them.

Prior to gardening I worked as an Occupational therapist and also managed a horticultural therapy project on an allotment. I am a fervent advocate of the health benefits of gardening, both mental and physical, and love to teach clients how to take care of their own gardens. Having worked with the elderly, stroke victims and people with physical and learning disabilities, I also have experience in adapting environments to suit clients’ physical limitations,

Affiliated Organisations

The Working For Gardeners Association

Is the organisation which runs the gardening apprenticeship scheme I took part in at Wentworth Castle.

Women in Construction, Arts and Technology

The organisation I learned AutoCAD drawing with and how to bricklay and plaster.


A great website to help gardeners choose the right plant for the right place, so helping to reduce the environmental and financial waste of failed planting.

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