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How I care about your garden

Honesty Gardens design and maintenance service covers Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

I offer a very personal service, whether designing a garden from scratch, adapting an existing garden to meet your changed circumstances or maintaining an established one.

I aim to provide you with the garden of your dreams, one that’s matched to your needs, tastes, aspirations and abilities, and that you’ll want to live in.

I see your garden as an extension of your house and a potential other room or set of rooms. I’ll bear in mind your taste in interior décor when suggesting materials and plants, so that your outside space complements your interior.

My aim is to help you maximise the use of that space and encourage you to get involved with it, whether that’s active gardening or relaxing in beautiful surroundings.

My service is:

  • Friendly
  • Enthusiastic
  • Knowledgeable
  • Reliable – I turn up when I say I will.
  • Courteous & considerate – I will always clean up before I leave.
  • Affordable
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Because it sums up my down to earth approach, being ethical, true to nature and trustworthy.

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Because I try to work with the conditions in your garden – right plant, right place, so they will thrive- and to use locally sourced and environmentally friendly, even recycled, materials where possible. I use the minimum of chemicals and aim for wildlife-friendly, bio-diverse gardens. They should also stand the test of time in terms of being durable, maintainable and stylish.

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Because I work with you to give you the garden of your dreams and hopefully more.


I love it when I discover a labour/money/planet-saving thing and I also love to share good things, so keep an eye on my blog for my latest discoveries and tips.

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