The client hated the look of their back garden and had no idea how to improve it. Their kitchen and French doors open onto this part of the garden, so they wanted it to be a place where their three year old daughter could play, where they could fit a picnic bench and that would be attractive to look out on. They liked the idea of different levels to create interest.


We agreed the crazy paving had to go, but could be re-used to build a curved retaining wall that would lead the eye across the garden, rather than to the meeting of the fences. Timber sleepers were used to retain these beds along the fence lines. A curved gravel path leads to an arbour which provides the much needed destination and focal point.


The crazy paving was ugly and dated. There was no good borrowed view. The triangular shape of the plot just led the eye to where its fencing meets at the point.

End Result

The clients planted the garden up themselves and finally installed the arbour, which provided height, a reason to venture onto that level and a vantage point to look back at the house, relax and enjoy the wildlife. The client sent me the final photo and this testimonial after spending much time in the garden recovering from a broken leg.


“The garden is looking fabulous now, so I thought you’d appreciate a picture. It makes for a great space for recuperation. And the birds seem to love it. We have to fill the feeder up twice a day at the moment!”

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