This long and narrow garden was mostly lawn, with a long straight path up the side, some crowded shrubs and a dilapidated shed at the top. The lawn was a chore to cut and there was nothing to entice you to go up the garden. The owners wanted to get rid of the lawn and liked the idea of meadow and a shed they could sit in. They fancied growing some soft fruit and herbs and having more colour in the garden. They also wanted a bigger patio.


The patio was extended to give more room for entertaining. A herb bed was planted alongside it, to be close to the kitchen. The client has also sown salad crops here. A meandering path leads to another patio at the end of the garden to catch the evening sun. Some taller fence panels were erected with climbers to help screen the neighbouring shed.

The wet area in the middle of the garden has been planted with damp-loving plants such as Ligularia, Irises and Aruncus. These are large plants that screen the patch of meadow beyond (which has just been cut down in the picture), so each turn of the path reveals a new area. The right hand side of the path has been planted up with strawberries, redcurrant and gooseberry bushes and raspberries.

Landscaping was done by Adrian Wyn and Suzanne Hutt. The bespoke shed has a green roof and bench seating and was built by Haydon Ellis of Hector and Cedric, Sheffield.


A soakaway had been created under part of the lawn to take the rainwater from the new conservatory roof. This meant that area would be quite damp in winter but could dry out in summer. The next door garden was not well maintained and had an ugly shed. The low fence did nothing to hide this.

End Result

The client was thrilled with her new garden and even reclaimed a piece of wilderness at the back afterwards.

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