I have planted up a sensory garden at a children’s centre, done hanging baskets for a primary school, planted street planters for a traffic calming scheme and created a garden at a GP surgery.

With all of these projects, the aim was to make the space more pleasant to be in and to encourage interest in gardening amongst the children/residents/patients.


We opted to install raised beds on top of the sea of gravel that was the surgery front garden, rather than remove it all. These were two interlocking L shapes and a smaller raised bed was built in the middle to reduce the space for unwanted congregating.


Planting in the street planters had to be low-growing so as not to obscure children from drivers and have year round interest in a small growing space.

The front garden at the surgery needed to be appealing to patients and staff without being an attractive place for undesirable loitering.

End Result

The raised beds at the GP surgery totally transformed the space.


“The installation of the surgery garden coincided with Covid 19 lockdown, so it allowed staff to eat their lunches together safely. One GP told me it had massively improved their sense of well-being.”

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