The clients had recently had their courtyard and garden landscaped but both looked a bit bare and sterile without planting. They wanted mostly edible planting in the courtyard and planting that wasn’t too fussy and that would look good all year in the front garden.


Climbers and ground cover planting were chosen according to aspect (sunny or shady area) to soften the look of the courtyard. I used deep purple planting such as Heuchera ‘Palace Purple’ , the Iris ‘Black Swan’, and Pittosporum ‘Tom Thumb’ to echo the dark purple of the Cotinus in the front garden. This and the repeated purples of the lilac, alliums and foxgloves helps to lead the eye around the garden and tie it all together. Roses and a limited palette of other plants were planted up around the front of the house to retain a semi-formal look.


The raised beds had been built next to a tall wall that casts a lot of shade, so only vegetable and salad crops that need less light will grow there.

End Result

The courtyard and garden are both much softer and more appealing with the new planting. The client really loves to cook, so is thrilled to be able to grow her own herbs and salads in the courtyard.

Before & After


Helen has been working for us for over ten years. We’ve always found her  friendly, reliable and honest and we’ve really enjoyed the improvements she’s made to the garden in that time.

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