This medium sized back garden looked out on a neighbour’s garage wall and wasn’t an inspiring space to spend time in. The client wanted it to be more attractive, colourful, and productive- he wanted to keep the apple tree and grow his own vegetables. He also needed it to be low maintenance.


The garage wall was painted a bold colour to act as a foil for climbers and architectural planting. A path was built along the line of the hedge to make access for and clearing up of hedge trimming easier.

We installed a raised bed in front of the kitchen window for herbs and vegetables, which as you’ll see from the photos, he was very successful at growing.

The beds were planted up for year round interest and mulched to reduce watering and weeding.


The view was dominated by that garage wall and a previous attempt to recreate the feeling of a Greek holiday by painting it blue and white had, by the owner’s own admission, just made them look like Sheffield Wednesday supporters.

End Result

The client actually enjoyed spending time in his garden and loved the satisfaction of growing his own veg.

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