This area at the bottom of a garden was very shady and had previously been the site of play equipment. The owners wanted somewhere they could sit out and entertain friends when they have BBQ’s.

They also wanted it to be a fun area for a grandchild and liked the idea of something inspired by fairies at the bottom of the garden.


The customers were not too attached to their old BBQ so I suggested they might like a dual purpose brazier/bbq that they could sit round in the evenings. They chose this Kadai (fire bowl) and I commissioned a local craftsman- (Ally Fraser Wood Works ) to build these beautiful curved oak benches to sit round it and the frame for a bug hotel.

End Result

The shade- loving plants chosen are evergreen ferns, hydrangea, Solomon’s seal and foxgloves. These last were chosen for their upright habit to lead the eye skywards. The lovely glass sculptures (by hayhoe designs) also do this and give year round interest. Bright blue willow gentian and orange montbretia will vibrate against each other to bring a spark of colour.

Woodworks: Ally Fraser Woodworks.

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